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How Coaching Can Transform Your Business — And Your Life

  If you dream about breaking through to the next level in your business — the level where your business runs itself instead of running you ragged — then let me share what can happen when you take a different approach. I have more than 50,000 hours experience running a business. But I still remember the very first […]

The Bottom Line of Being a Father

We brought my first son home from the hospital on Christmas Day. After the flood of family and friends departed, we were finally left alone with our tiny infant. I remember thinking to myself “OK, now what!?”  As a professional coach who sometimes works with dads, I once conducted a survey where I asked, “What […]

What is Professional Coaching?

So many of us want to change our lives in some way. We’re frustrated or stuck. Or we need a little support. We sense we are capable of showing up in a different way — at work and in our relationships — but we can’t seem to hit the bulls-eye of our true talents and […]