How Coaching Can Transform Your Business — And Your Life


If you dream about breaking through to the next level in your business — the level where your business runs itself instead of running you ragged — then let me share what can happen when you take a different approach.

I have more than 50,000 hours experience running a business.

But I still remember the very first hour of my very first day.

It was 9 am, the Tuesday after Labor Day. I walked into a small, street-level office with no curtains, no clients and no phone — and no idea what I was getting into.

But I wanted my own business. So I learned as I went.

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The Bottom Line of Being a Father

We brought my first son home from the hospital on Christmas Day. After the flood of family and friends departed, we were finally left alone with our tiny infant. I remember thinking to myself “OK, now what!?”

 As a professional coach who sometimes works with dads, I once conducted a survey where I asked, “What training did you receive to be a father?”

 One dad shot back, “You’re kidding, right?”

 I wasn’t kidding. The sad truth is that you get more training to drive a car than to have a child.

The kind of father you become can be heavily influenced by notions you don’t even know you have the day your child is born. For better or worse, it’s impossible to enter life as a parent unaffected by the framework and culture of your upbringing. That’s your starting point.

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