I’ve led a long life in business and academia, and Bart’s ability to lead without posturing, to get to the best solution by winning the trust of the parties engaged — is rare.

— Tom Horan, Managing Partner, FRA Partners

Creative Consulting

Retreat or Meeting Facilitation

Not all meetings are created equally. Having an outside retreat or meeting facilitator can make your meetings more effective and usually a lot more enjoyable. I incorporate interactive activities designed to energize, engage and achieve results designed around your specific goals.

Strategic Planning

Companies use strategic planning to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and ensure that employees are working towards common goals. Successful companies do not hesitate to use strategic planning consultants to help them build and improve their competitive advantages. I bring experience, knowledge and a fresh, objective perspective — independent from your company’s culture, politics, sensitivities, and group thinking.

Not-for-Profit Boards and Management

When searching for a successful board member you need an experienced yet challenging individual who agrees on the path the organization is headed yet can provide challenging feedback. My decades of business acumen will provide you with the wisdom, expertise, diversity of knowledge and outside perspective your organization may need.

Communication Skills  

Growing a business, reducing costs, managing people and conveying new ideas all require effective communication. Communications coaching can help employees thrive and grow within your business or organization, which can help increase employee satisfaction and retention and ultimately improve profits.

Special Projects

In addition to coaching I also provide special project assistance to help you define objectives, facilitate execution and ensure implementation of a full array of business strategies including communications, planning and leadership initiatives. Let me design a customized solution to any project that is challenging you.

Bart is a phenomenal listener. He has the ability to draw out, uncover and bring clarity to one’s thoughts in a manner that is comfortable, non-threatening and sincere. I have experienced Bart facilitating these types of conversations many times and always come away with a new appreciation for his innate ability to help others.

Lauren CanningCEO, Hello Marketing

I have experienced first hand Bart’s ability to step back from a particular situation or crisis, take the 30,000 foot level view, and then return to the ground level to provide key insights and advice to his clients.

Nancy A. Kist, Esq.Decotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP

Bart has an exceptional ability to analyze problems and turn them into opportunities.

J.B. WilsonPresident
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey