Through Bart’s coaching I find myself growing in ways that not long ago seemed beyond my imagination.

— J. E.

Personal Coaching

Coaching is a powerful way to help people discover what’s holding them back and break through to the wholehearted life they truly desire and deserve.

Usually I work with people when they are facing a need for change. Often they sense they’re stuck in some way and want to move beyond frustration they feel at their job or in their life.

Coaching helps you let go of limiting beliefs, gain clarity about your personal values, and take actions that move you into the life you truly want.

I see again and again that my clients have the answers inside. It just takes someone asking the right questions to get you moving.

Bart brings a rare mix of passion, focus and practical know-how to help you uncover where your heart’s compass points, and build your vehicle to get there. With the soul of a poet and the acumen of a seasoned businessman, I found him an intrepid guide as I sailed into new waters of calling, self-expression and creation!

Thomas AmelioPresident
The Open Center

Bart brings tremendous knowledge, heart, and experience to coaching. He can help you uncover aspects of yourself that are ready to reemerge. Bart is particularly skilled as a midwife to creativity. Fair warning — you may feel more alive than you ever have.

Katie Malachuk, MDivBuddhist Minister, author, coach

I have a completely different life now since beginning to work with Bart. What was once a life of difficulty, challenges, and fears is now one of patience, gentleness, and joy. My relationship has evolved from one of my ‘playing the part’, to being in a deeply committed, loving, and supportive relationship. I’ve welcomed a baby into this world (something I never imagined would happen), and I’m on track to building a career that I love. Bart has helped me to find my voice, my strength, and to embrace my intuitive abilities.