Executive Coaching
and Consulting

In working with Bart I found him to be a good listener who was straightforward in his feedback to you, telling you what you needed to hear whether it was popular or not. His candid remarks were very much appreciated and much needed. Bart was quick to smile, which made you comfortable with him, and you wanted to listen to his counsel.

William J. CanataSenior VP Sales Operation, Pfizer (Ret.)

Bart is a phenomenal listener. He has the ability to draw out, uncover and bring clarity to one’s thoughts in a manner that is comfortable, non-threatening and sincere. I have experienced Bart facilitating these types of conversations many times and always come away with a new appreciation for his innate ability to help others.

Lauren CanningCEO, Hello Marketing

Bart has concrete experience of how leaders create viable institutions as well as an understanding of the pressures that leaders face in running businesses in this competitive environment.

Joseph BonitoLeadership Development Executive
Fortune 100 Companies

Bart’s ability to understand the underlying issues really allowed me to get to the core of where I needed help. Bart is both compassionate and non-judgmental. Not only was he present and insightful during our sessions, but afterwards he also followed up with encouraging emails that motivated me to stay on track!

Jessica SarterRegional Manager, NY/NJ at Imperial Brands Inc.

Bart has an exceptional ability to analyze problems and turn them into opportunities.

J.B. Wilson President
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey

I have experienced first hand Bart’s ability to step back from a particular situation or crisis, take the 30,000 foot level view, and then return to the ground level to provide key insights and advice to his clients.

Nancy A. Kist, Esq.Decotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP

You’ve heard the expression, “It gets lonely at the top.” As an entrepreneur and business owner, I can tell you, it sure does. Bart Erbach has been my coach, confidante and friend over the last 15 years. He brings a unique warmth and compassion to our relationship and discussions, and still will challenge me, guide me to find the answers on my own. Question after question, he gets me to think, analyze and find a way. Bart is an active listener without judgment. He has no ego that gets in the way. He truly cares about people and gets excited and value from watching you grow and thrive.

Susan KarlinPresident, SUKA Creative Inc.

I’ve led a long life in business and academia, and Bart’s ability to lead without posturing, to get to the best solution by winning the trust of the parties engaged — is rare.

Tom HoranManaging Partner, FRA Partners

I continue to rely on Bart as a sounding board, someone who can help me translate my inspirations and ideas, both personal and business, into visions and plans that are workable and achievable.

Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Esq.Executive Director
Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership

Bart has an incredible ability to listen, ask probing questions and get to the heart of any matter. He will always hold your agenda and seek to support you in the achievement of your goals.

Richard MagidPresident, SoundBoard Consulting Group LLC

Bart takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to problem-solving —which is essential for aligning multiple stakeholders to one course of action. Bart’s excellent relationship-building and management skills allow him to see the big picture and quickly drill down and build support on the tactical execution level.

Tony DeNicolaCo-President
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe

Bart combines great intelligence with uncommon common sense, a combination I have rarely found in people. He communicates very well in person and in print. His interactions are marked by a supportive, non-threatening style. I always feel better after I have spent time with him.

Joseph P. Parkes, S.J.President
Cristo Rey New York High School

Bart helped me move through false beliefs that were holding me back from pursuing my long-time business idea. As a result of working with Bart, I have gained a strength and confidence that has overcome the fears that stopped me in the past. I feel super grateful to be working with a successful entrepreneur who understands where I am coming from and can guide me into the world of unlimited possibilities.

Heather H.Business Owner

Bart is intuitive and sharp. Most importantly, Bart has a genuine desire to really know and understand the leaders he coaches. He believes that for a leader to be effective, he or she must also be authentic.

Stephanie Saroki de GarcíaManaging Partner, Seton Education Partners

As a successful businessman, Bart brings a great deal of credibility to clients who need guidance on how to set and meet business goals. Bart helped me identify potential roads going forward, eliminate ones that didn’t make sense, and choose the one I am now following. Through this process, I was able to identify some of the mistakes I had been making, which I now work to avoid. Bart also helped me focus on some personal problems that I need to address to achieve a happier life. And I am now moving forward to make the changes that are necessary. For these reasons, I highly recommend Bart to anyone who seeks a coach to make a difference in his or her life.

JM, Connecticut

You shouldn’t even contemplate starting a new business without consulting Bart Erbach. I speak from experience. My venture, Politifax New Jersey, is now 17 years old — and I know that it wouldn’t have lasted 17 weeks without Bart’s coaching, encouragement and guidance.

Nicholas AcocellaPublisher

Some might ask why I, a professional coach, someone who has worked with executives and leaders in multiple industries across the country, would ever want or need a coach. Good question, for sure. And yet on the first call with Bart, I knew he showed up for a reason and the time was right. There was just something about his manner and his presence that had me engage. And it’s paid dividends beyond any expectations I might have had. Bart has the uncanny ability to know just how far to stretch me. His questions are both provocative and kind. His wisdom comes from the ancient part of him that I know is uncommon in most men I meet. His range is both wide and deep. He is a trusted advisor, coach, champion and cheerleader all wrapped into one. Do yourself a favor and engage with this man. He just might be the best gift you’ve given yourself in a long, long time.

Stanley ShermanPresident, The Propel Consulting Group, Inc.

Personal Coaching

Bart is an eternal optimist, always able to see the silver lining in every cloud. It is this consistent ability to make you feel good about yourself despite any situation that makes him an outstanding coach.

Steven P. GalloPartner U.S. Financial Services, LLC

I’ve seen Bart with kids, with co-workers, with executives, with volunteers, and persons of all ages whose insecurities were holding them back. Probing with sensitivity and gentleness, he got them talking about what they really wanted, really feared, what they knew should be done, and how they’d like to do it. Then the magic happened. Their eyes lit up, their shoulders straightened back, and plans were made and carried out successfully. He didn’t tell them what to do, but somehow helped them tell themselves. And he helped them believe what they said. And afterward, the people rushed to tell him, “Look what I did,” and he took more joy in their success than he would have if they’d said, “Look what YOU did.”

Joan Quigley

Bart brings a rare mix of passion, focus and practical know-how to help you uncover where your heart’s compass points, and build your vehicle to get there. With the soul of a poet and the acumen of a seasoned businessman, I found him an intrepid guide as I sailed into new waters of calling, self-expression and creation!

Thomas AmelioPresident, The Open Center

Bart has the rare ability to really “see” other people and pursue them — to look past and through the superficialities and masks we often use to hide ourselves, and to gently push through in order to get to our true heart.

Jennifer Wotocheck

Bart brings tremendous knowledge, heart, and experience to coaching. He can help you uncover aspects of yourself that are ready to reemerge. Bart is particularly skilled as a midwife to creativity. Fair warning — you may feel more alive than you ever have.

Katie Malachuk, MDivBuddhist Minister, author, coach

I have a completely different life now since beginning to work with Bart. What was once a life of difficulty, challenges, and fears is now one of patience, gentleness, and joy. My relationship has evolved from one of my ‘playing the part’, to being in a deeply committed, loving, and supportive relationship. I’ve welcomed a baby into this world (something I never imagined would happen), and I’m on track to building a career that I love. Bart has helped me to find my voice, my strength, and to embrace my intuitive abilities.


Coaching with Bart has been like finding the perfect companion for one of the most important journeys I will ever take. His ability to hold the space for me — to dance effortlessly between painful moments, playfulness, necessary silence — is miraculous to watch and a blessing to experience. Bart sees what’s not so obvious and always seems to find the perfect words to illuminate what needs to be noticed and remembered. Each time we work together, I feel more clear, more true, more centered.

Wokie Nwabueze

I cannot count the number of times in the years that I have known Bart that he has changed the course of people’s lives through his coaching and guidance. I am one of those people.

Joyce B. Doyle

I have worked with Bart Erbach on a number of literary and dramatic projects. I have always found his judgment reliable, his insights frequently remarkable, and his enthusiasm for my writing a constant source of encouragement. I can’t think of anyone who would do a better job at coaching people.

Thomas Fleming Historian and Novelist

My work with Bart continues to give me value beyond measure. With clarity and deep insight, Bart is helping me to navigate not only the challenges of starting a business but, more importantly, the work with my relationship to my own soul. He does so with patience, gentleness and humor. My work with Bart is energizing and as a result I now look forward to meeting each day.

Laurie S.

If I had to describe Bart using only one word I would choose “affirmative.” His approach to everything is characterized by addition, rather than negation, inclusion rather than withholding, presence rather than absence. Bart makes you feel good about yourself simply by being around him.

Stacy Fischer

Bart’s coaching skills — his concern for people, his sensitivity, his ability to cut through the chaff and see the real person you are — are amazing. His discretion is unparalleled. In the decade plus I have worked with him, I have never been afraid to share confidences with him, no matter how delicate.

Lauretta Farrell

I first met Bart during a rather unsettled time in my life when the company I was working for was undergoing a complex merger. There was a real possibility that I would be out of a job and I had serious concerns about my career, my future, and my ability to provide for my family. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was in a career for which I was somewhat unsuited. Bart was instrumental in helping me understand that while your career is important, it is only part of who you are. He was able to see things in me that I couldn’t see in myself. He assisted me in discovering my real potential. As a result, I began a new career and what has been a more interesting and rewarding life.

Steve G.

Bart played a pivotal role in both my personal and professional development. He instilled in me a sense of passion for doing what you love and standing up for what you believe in. Bart’s enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious. He wholeheartedly commits to everything he takes on. Bart often puts the needs of others above his own and is truly driven by making a difference.

Jessica Barnes

Bart has a wonderful presentation style and makes a great mentor coach. He works well within the culturally-diverse population that he serves.

Carmel GalassoDirector of Housing for Homeless Services, United Way

I’ve seen Bart with kids, with co-workers, with hotshot executives, with volunteers, and
persons of all ages whose insecurities were holding them back. Probing with sensitivity
and gentleness, he got them talking about what they really wanted, really feared, what
they knew should be done, and how they’d like to do it. Then the magic happened. Their eyes lit up, their shoulders straightened back, and plans were made and carried out successfully. He didn’t tell them. But he somehow made
them tell themselves. And made them believe what they said.
And afterward, the people rushed to tell him, “Look what I did,” and he took more joy
in their success than he would have if they’d said, “Look what YOU did.

Joan QuigleyVP, Saint Mary Hospital