Bart has been a game changer in my professional development. Working with Bart has greatly influenced my leadership presence and enabled me to take a huge leap in empowering our organization.

– C. Morse, CEO, Leadership that Works, Inc.

Executive Coaching

Drawing on 25 years experience as a business owner, CEO, and leader of non-profit organizations, Bart Erbach is widely respected for his ability to help clients quickly clarify needs and find solutions— whether individual or organizational.

Developing Executive Leadership

As a leader you must inspire, engage and influence others. This begins with self-awareness and clarity about your personal values and vision. By creating a culture of trusting relationships you empower your team to perform at their highest levels. Effective leadership coaching is one of the best ways to help develop these skills and align them with organizational goals. More and more organizations are turning to coaching as a way of not only achieving but sustaining the leadership and performance they need.

Rising Leaders

A change in title demonstrates a belief in your abilities but transitioning to a more complex role can present many challenges—and opportunities. Coaching can help you leverage personal strengths, delegate, develop communication skills (including listening), and build collaboration to drive business results. This support allows rising leaders to assimilate into new roles while dramatically reducing unnecessary disturbances and stress, creating a more seamless shift.

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps you make informed decisions about career possibilities and direction. Honest self-assessment and the curiosity of an outside perspective deliver the insight and inspiration you need to grow. Career coaching will motivate and guide you to grow more effectively in your current business or assist you in changing course in an entirely new direction. Here’s the challenge and support to get you there successfully.

Executive Presence

Do you have it? Do you project confidence? Possess credibility? Communicate with clarity? While executive presence may come more naturally for some, you can work on developing skills you need to stand out as a leader. Companies are utilizing executive presence coaching more and more to develop the character and authenticity needed to advance high performance leaders and teams.

Starting a Business

It takes courage to start your own business. A coach can give you outside objective professional assessment and support through every stage of your business development from financing and marketing, to organizational design and pricing strategies. I can help you put systems in place that are tailored to leverage your strengths so you can focus on what you love to do and what you do best.

Growing Your Business

You started your own business to pursue a dream, earn more money and gain freedom — but now you’re stressed out, tired and stuck performing the required day-to-day operational tasks. You’re working in your business, not on your business. The solution is outside expert advice that will help you improve the way your business operates. By identifying obstacles to growth and limiting beliefs learn how to break through to new processes and strategies that increase productivity and profits.

Bart takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to problem-solving —which is essential for aligning multiple stakeholders to one course of action. Bart’s excellent relationship-building and management skills allow him to see the big picture and quickly drill down and build support on the tactical execution level.

Tony DeNicolaCo-President
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe

Bart has concrete experience of how leaders create viable institutions as well as an understanding of the pressures that leaders face in running businesses in this competitive environment.

Joseph BonitoLeadership Development Executive
Fortune 100 Companies

You’ve heard the expression, “It gets lonely at the top.” As an entrepreneur and business owner, I can tell you, it sure does. Bart Erbach has been my coach, confidante and friend over the last 15 years. He brings a unique warmth and compassion to our relationship and discussions, and still will challenge me, guide me to find the answers on my own. Question after question, he gets me to think, analyze and find a way. Bart is an active listener without judgment. He has no ego that gets in the way. He truly cares about people and gets excited and value from watching you grow and thrive.

Susan KarlinPresident, SUKA Creative Inc.